Thursday, April 4, 2013

Letter: Independent Senators fiddles whilst T&T burns

It was reported in the Newsday on April 2 that the Acting Commissioner of Police stated that the Joint Patrols were working and that the soldiers helped slash murders to the extent that there were “only” 17 murders in March compared to 45 in February this year. 

He also stated that apart from the period when the country was under curfew in 2011, this was the lowest total in six years! 

This is indeed quite an accomplishment and while I would like to caution the joint patrols from patting themselves on the back prematurely, I am confident that we are heading in the right direction.

The Acting CoP fell short of saying whether he supported the Miscellaneous Provisions (defence and Police Complaints) Bill 2013 preferring to leave it up to the Politicians. 

The Bill needs a three fifths majority for passage and this translates into four votes from the nine Independent Senators. Primarily the Bill seeks to give soldiers legal protection and status when they are accompanying police officers in Joint exercises.

Independent Senator Elton Prescott stated that the figures touted by the Acting CoP meant that we could “hold our hand for a little longer because it looks like we are getting there”. 

He also stated that we need to be told by Government what outcomes are expected based on “scientific research, analysis, psychological testing, whatever it may be, things that people can rely on." 

Do you know how long a process like this can take? Those involved with research, especially the type dealing with psychological testing, would tell you that it could take several months even years to complete. How many more live do we have to lose in that time?

Senator Corinne Baptiste–McKnight knocked the legislation to give soldiers police powers as a “terrible injustice” on soldiers. She claimed that we are looking for soft fixes, settling for soft options because we are not willing to do the hard work of fixing the Police Service and the judicial system.

I truly hope that members of our Defence Force are not being demotivated by these utterances and I hope that good judgement will prevail at the end of the day in defence of our country. We have a crisis on our hands, the time to act is now!

Martin Grover | via email

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