Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jack quits as UNC chairman; will remain UNC member and support party

Jack Warner quit as chairman of the United National Congress (UNC) Monday, one day after he resigned from the cabinet. The party has accepted his resignation and has asked Deputy Chair Khadijah Ameen to act in the position until the party elects a successor to Warner.
File: Good time with his constituents. Jack stirs the pot during a river lime
with some of his constituents
The Chaguanas MP met with members of his constituency executive Monday evening along with supporters who went to his office to show support. He assured them that he would continue to be a member of the UNC and continue to support the party and the government

“Don’t cry for Jack Warner, you haven’t seen Jack Warner yet,” he told supporters.

He explained why he resigned from cabinet. “I resigned as minister of national security because I felt that as a minister of Cabinet there has been for the past three, four, five weeks an assertive effort by certain agencies and people to get Jack Warner.

"I felt that enough is enough and I didn’t have any reason to get the party or Government involved in that,” he said in the presence of reporters.

Warner said he decided to quit after reading a newspaper headline quoting the Prime Minister as saying she was "stunned" by the findings of a Concacaf investigation.

“When I saw the headline where the Prime Minister said, “I am stunned”, I said if she feels that way it doesn’t make sense. That was the catalyst. But when I asked her if she said so, she said no,” Warner said.

The former minister stated that he would remain a member of the UNC.

Commenting on the Concacaf issue, he said: “That thing about Concacaf and FIFA is so spurious and that has been in the public domain for God knows how long. I felt there was some plan or move to get me. I felt that I should possibly stay back and look objectively at what’s happening,” he said.

He added that being out of cabinet affords him the opportunity to say much more on the issue. Warner plans to address supporters on Thursday at a meeting in Charlieville.

He also explained why he didn't attend the UNC Monday Night Forum in Penal Monday night. “I don’t think I should go because I don’t want to have any media frenzy. When I go there, the media will come after me and disrupt the people meeting. It is out of respect,” he said.
Warner also made it clear that his tenure in cabinet has been clean. 

“I feel satisfied that I did not leave or fail because of corruption in any ministry. In fact, my ministry is squeaky clean. Nobody can point a finger and say I was in any corruption,” he said.

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