Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Government repealed Section 34 before Round Table march

The Prime Minister on Monday accused Keith Rowley and the PNM of trying to create a new controversy over the relationship between the President and the Prime Minister.

Commenting on the leak to the Express newspaper of a confidential letter to the PM from former President Max Richards, Kamla Persad-Bissessar said, "Dr. ROWLEY and the PNM are in a tailspin now so they have dug up a letter that was published in the media Sunday from the former President Max Richards."

She added, "What is interesting about that confidential letter is that it was dated the 7th of December 2012 … the same date that the former President wrote to Rowley saying he had written to the Prime Minister seeking answers about Section 34.

"You will recall that I told the media at the time I had already replied to his Excellency …

"The question that arises now is who gave the media that letter in which the former President is suggesting that he was duped.

"Well I want to tell you tonight the Prime Minister and the cabinet never duped anybody.

"We recognised a mistake was made and took appropriate action.

"And let me repeat what we did:
  • We recalled parliament and repealed the law with retroactive effect
  • And when people tried to use a loophole to get their freedom from prosecution, we mounted a spirited defence and WON 
She quoted from a newspaper report with comments from a respected former diplomat and head of the civil service about the role of the president:

"In a media interview, Mr Reginald Dumas stated that the president should have asked questions about why he was being asked to proclaim just section 34 of the act.

"These are the words of Mr. DUMAS:
“If the President did ask that, what was the reply? If he went ahead and proclaimed it, it seems that he was satisfied with the reply if he did ask. The question has to be: why are you now expressing doubts apparently about what you proclaimed several months ago.” 

Persad-Bissessar stated that "Section 34 could not become law if the president did not sign that piece of paper." She said, "He could have questioned it in August 2012 but he didn’t. It was only after ROWLEY and the PNM bullied him that he wrote a letter... 

"And now somebody is leaking confidential correspondence between the head of state and the head of government four months after the fact … only because the PNM has no argument to make to support its Section 34 case. 

"That is because the Round Table wanted the State to lose so that they could advance their political agenda."

Persad-Bissessar also dropped a below the belt picong on the PNM leader. "Rowley and his new political leader, David Abdulah, want us to lose when we are the ones fighting for you. Rowley and his new political leader want the State to lose! Keep an eye on them!

She dismissed the PNM and their friends "and the new leaders of the PNM who are no more than rabble rousers."

She noted that in the three years "since Rowley bullied the PNM to make him their leader" he has not offered ONE constructive idea "to advance our country and to make your lives better."

"Instead he has criticised everything and everybody … he has manufactured stories and told untruth after untruth...

"You cannot trust thus man. You cannot trust the PNM. They would continue to engage in their politics of distraction and politics of FEAR.

"And we will continue to stand up for justice and we will defend this nation on your behalf...have no fear; reject the PNM and their strategy of fear and distraction."

She said the are known for their "silly antics" every time there is a crisis. "Look at their reaction to my visit to the Penal Power Station on Good Friday to learn more about the nationwide blackout.

"A party that wants to govern this country should be concerned that the whole country faced a blackout … instead DR. ROWDY was more concerned about a clock on the wall that carried the wrong time.

"Imagine a Leader of the Opposition spending time in a media conference to talk about the time on a clock which was obviously off for a while...And these people want to run this country!"

Persad-Bissessar said the PNM's hate and animosity is not only towards the government, but towards the entire country. "They have not and will not forgive you for voting us into office, and there vengeance upon all of us is clear."
She called on all citizens to "become aware of their lies and innuendos. Take note every time they open their mouths with fear tactics and scare mongering. 

When they call your brothers and sisters in the Defence Force, "Killing Machines"
say to them 'I am not afraid'.
When they bring together claiming that they are "Protecting our Democracy" tell them 'I am not afraid'.

She declared, "As the leader of this country, and as the head of the National Security Council, I want to tell the young men and women in our defence force that they do not deserve to be called "Killing Machines, and if the PNM pack of Jokers will not say that they were wrong and apologise… I will do it."

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