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CONCACAF report slams Jack. "As far as I am aware it (the report) is baseless and malicious": Warner

Jack Warner - Guardian photo
The head of CONCACAF's Integrity Committee on Friday described Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer as "fraudulent in their management" of the soccer confederation's affairs, according to a Reuters report.

Sir David Simmons presented CONCACAF's congress in Panama City with a detailed report into allegations of financial mismanagement by former president Warner and ex-general secretary Blazer based on documents and interviews with 38 people.

Sir David, a former Chief Justice of Barbados, said: "I have recounted a sad and sorry tale in the life of CONCACAF, a tale of abuse of position and power, by persons who assisted in bringing the organisation to profitability but who enriched themselves at the expense of their very own organisations."

The report stated that Warner did not disclose to CONCACAF that the $25.9 million Centre of Excellence was built on land owned by his companies.

Sir David said Blazer received more than $20 million in compensation from CONCACAF, including $17 million in commission.

He described Blazer as "entirely negligent" for failing to file income tax returns for CONCACAF in the United States, which led to the body losing its tax-exempt status as a non-profit organisation.

Sir David claimed that the auditors used by CONCACAF during the Warner era, Trinidad-based Kenny Rampersad and Company, were not independent. He cited what he said was proof that Warner and Blazer were clients of the firm.

Warner and Blazer have always denied any wrongdoing.

Warner responded with a media release on the matter in which he stated that he has not had the chance to fully read the report of CONCACAF.

The rest of the statement is published below:

"I left CONCACAF and turned my back on football two years ago. Since then I have had no interest in any football related matter.

"CONCACAF's report today (Friday) is of no concern to me and as far as I am aware it is baseless and malicious.

"CONCACAF lawyers have been in communication for several months with my lawyers who have instructions in this matter.
"I am advised that the matter is a contractual matter for which my lawyers are dealing with separate and apart from any CONCACAF organised committee.

"Notwithstanding that, It does seem ironical that the CONCACAF had been paying rent for a property all these years which, according to them, belonged to CONCACAF. In addition, it is also alarming that FIFA would invest in a property that is neither owned by them, CONCACAF, or the local football body in clear violation of their statutes, inclusive of Goal statutes and regulations.

"It is even passing strange that the CONCACAF organised Committee interviewed some 38 persons, according to them, and yet did not interview Dr Joao Havelange, former FIFA President, who is still alive, is in good physical and mental health and in whose honour the Centre has been named and whom, I am sure, would have been able to enlighten them.

"Finally, if after 20 years of being the President of CONCACAF all its Committee could have found is some baseless claim against me involving the Centre of Excellence then I will continue to sleep very soundly at nights."

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