Sunday, March 10, 2013

Letter: Parents of sextuplets irresponsible and disingenuous

Petra Lee Foon and Kieron Cummings, parents of the sextuplets 
I am really disturbed by what I am reading in the newspapers about the parents of the sextuplets.

Here we have the father who lives with his parents, the mother who also lives with her parents and the mother subjects herself to fertility treatment!

Something strikes me as odd about this because it would seem to me that absolutely no provisions were made by the parents for what would be needed if the fertility treatments resulted in multiple births, as is the norm.

These parents now come to the State begging for a house and other kinds of assistance. They seem to have abdicated responsibility for their actions and now have lodged it all at the door of the Government and people of Trinidad and Tobago.

I feel that the parents should have at least come to the table with something, anything, for example, a rented two-bedroom home, so that we could see that they were desirous of making a proper home for their own children.

But to voluntarily subject yourself to fertility treatment and have no obvious plans on earth as to how to take care of the results of that treatment is irresponsible and disingenuous.

I have no doubt that the generous Trinidad and Tobago population will assist this family but dear parents, this is not the way. Already the cost to the State of the mere deliveries and post- partum care is astounding.

RG Wilson

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Carla Choice said...

This person name RG WILSON SHOULD GET A LIFE. How dare you pass judgement on the decisions that this young couple made. And what have the government truly give to anyone over the years? So what if they decided to give this family a home? So what if the people of Trinidad decide to lend a helping hand? I have not read in any of the new report that they are or was making any demands. The father only express his desire to have a home for his family.....what is so wrong about that? you evil minded person.
And speaking about the cost to our health care....what health care! the one that 80% of the time fails our people, where there is never any beds or people have to wait months and years for very important surgery....please!!stop playing.
At least you should look at the plus to all of this.....six beautiful miracles was created and it certainly forced our health professional to be at the top of their game with this one....contribute something to the family instead of complaining.

Carla Choice living in the USA.....

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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