Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guest commentary: Will this soldier with police arrangement make a dent?‏

To flip through the pages recording humankind earthbound occupation is to know how every human society went through a time when testosterone alone determined not only who could mate and reproduce, but also enjoy the choicest creature comforts and rule the roost. 

For thousands of years, to be born a female meant to die within minutes or, if allowed to survive, to be forever in the background, boudoir or grinding drudgery of gathering the fruits of Mother Nature's husbandry. In the primordial days, to survive as a human, brawn was vital, not brains or finesse.

Consequently, for eons human societies were tiny, clannish and nomadic. To be human meant also to be carnal, superstitious and brutal, constrained to eking out a living by grubbing of whatever Mother Earth naturally produced. The strong made it, the weak was shunted aside through attrition. Life was a rough and tumble ride.

But, at first almost unnoticed, then with increasing frequency, a shift in human chain of command began. The precise moment remains unclear, somewhere "back then" a relative weakling took up a stone or stick to cut, prise or dig something which teeth or bare hands couldn't adequately manage, setting in train a whole new dispensation where using the brain became more important to success than musclebound manliness.

Fastforwarding to the 21st century, where the days of brute force are history and no longer relevant (except as a lesson of history from which we may learn, or not learn), their thought processes and practices are what define human societies' ability to meet the challenges they face. Where things aren't done in a slapdash manner, the living is easy; where things are ill-conceived, society at large pays a heavy price.

For those profound reasons I heartily congratulate the Government for sagaciously boosting its capacity to "manners" vicious, rampant criminal elements. To clothe soldiers with crimefighting training and powers is an initiative which confirms Government is best when it swings into action after thinking, not when it does otherwise.

All things considered, because of this single stroke, the days of the brute seem to be numbered. I anticipate seeing the highly-trained men and women of our Police Service and Defence Force "douglarise" into an efficient and vital 21st century antidote to highly toxic criminal machinery which seemed to have gotten the upper hand.

Heston Corbie | Prizgar Lands, Laventille

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