Saturday, March 9, 2013

Agriculture feature: Government increasing milk production to satisfy domestic needs

More cows to produce enough milk for all in T&T by 2015
The Government of Trinidad and Tobago has developed a project that would increase milk production in the country with the aim of ending imports of this vital dairy produce.

In a media release the Ministry of Food Production has stated that it is being done through a partnership with Nestle Trinidad and Tobago Limited.

The plan is to import dairy cows and distribution of the animals to farmers who would be encouraged to use scientific means to increase production and protect herds.  This would include the use of reproductive biotechnologies to improve reproductive performance of dairy cattle.

The aim is to significantly increase milk production in Trinidad and Tobago and satisfy local demand by 2015. 

It's part of the ministry's National Food Production Action Plan 2012–2015, which outlines the need to create "a platform for the Government and private sector to venture into strategic partnerships to effectively mobilise and utilise available land, marine resources, labour, human resources and technology. 

"Such partnership will allow stakeholders to actively participate in the development of the sector with the potential to extend into national economic and social development."
The release said this partnership seeks to share the cost of the importation among all stakeholders - the Ministry, Nestle and the dairy farmers. 

"This initiative will accelerate the goal to achieve a sustainable dairy industry. This would be the second time that such a partnership has been arranged between these partners, the first was in the establishment of Mulato grass in 2007/2008 Through the auspices of the Livestock & Livestock Products Board of Trinidad & Tobago (LLPBTT)," the food production ministry said.

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