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Rajendra Dubay's Daily Inspirational Thoughts - A tribute to my grandfather

I dedicate today's thoughts to my late grand father, Pandit Parasram (Baba), who spent his life serving mainly poor, simple people. He was born on 02 February, 1917 and died in March 2004. Baba remains immortal to us; I feel his presence always and I will love him always.
Rajendra Dubay

Pandit Parasram (1917-2004) ... a life of simplicity in service to God and the
poor and dispossessed
It is easier for a camel to thread the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter heaven. So says a famous quote from the Holy Bible. 

The great sage Shridi Sai Baba and the god-like Mother Theresa, spent their lives living among the poor people, god's people. My greatest hero and role model, my grandfather Pandit Parasram, spent most of his life serving mainly poor, simple people. 

Some religious faiths promote only the acquisition of money and gaining material things as the goal of spiritual life. This can never be. 

The goal of spiritual life is to develop the quality of peacefulness. You do not need money or material possessions to do this, you only need one thing - to remember God always. 

Almighty God lives among the poor and is more easily found in the ghettos of the world than in the palaces of the rich. 

Don't get me wrong. It is good to want to move forward in material life as well, but not at the expense of your spiritual life. 

Once your mind is constantly occupied looking for ways to make more and more money, there simply isn't any room for genuine spiritual development, for even the prayers of the rich are only focused on acquiring more and more wealth. 

Remember again, the goal of spiritual life is to develop the quality of peacefulness. Once you have this quality, you remain unruffled by any circumstances. 

peaceful person creates a peaceful home; a peaceful home creates a peaceful community. 

The poor need motivation, they need hope, they need a reason to want to live another day. My Baba gave them all of these. 

God is always with the poor and once they sincerely turn to God, God will answer their prayers. 

They may not become millionaires, they may not become famous, but once they have each other, once they have love, once they have peace within themselves, they will be OK; They will survive.

When you look for God, look among the poor. You will certainly find God there.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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