Saturday, February 2, 2013

Letter: Christianity the default religion in schools

"Through Christ, our Lord, Amen"—a phrase you would most likely hear in a church service or any christian congregation. 

But no, students of many government schools all across the country are made to utter these words at least twice a day regardless of their beliefs. Yes, government schools, schools which are not owned by any religious denomination, attended by students with varying religions. 

Isn't freedom of religion and worship enshrined in the Constitution? Forcing people to say prayers that are clearly exclusive to one belief is a blatant disregard of our core national values. It seems to me that in the public schools, christianity is the default religion. 

The prayers said at government schools and any other public institution should be inclusive. Ideally, it should only contain statements that any believer in God would say since belief in God is the common factor among most religions. It should not call upon or invoke the name of figures or deities specific to one religion. 

Yet this occurs daily in the public schools. Everyone has to say the same prayer no matter what they believe. Most students and teachers may have no problem with this as they themselves are christians. However, the issue should not be played down simply because it affects a minority. 

We live in a plural society. Some factions may constitute a larger percentage of the population than others. Nonetheless, we are bounded by the Constitution to give every creed and race an equal place.

This situation is similar to the Trinity Cross issue a few years ago. This current issue is of greater importance since it affects a lot more people. I hope that the Minister of Education can address this adequately and quickly.

Irfaan Ali | Cumuto

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