Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mac Farlane's JOY - the Finale wins Band of the Year

Brian Mac Farlane has done it again. The National Carnival Commission announced on Wednesday morning that the mas icon's 2013 presentation “Joy – the Finale” has won the Band of the Year title.

It makes it seven in a row for Mac Farlane, who has said this is his final presentation.

He presented his band early Tuesday morning and waved goodbye and kissed the stage as the band made its exit. Media reports say he also wrote his name on the stage using white paint.

"Joy - the Finale" came on stage as a wash of white - a symbol of innocence - and then burst into colour: flaming oranges and bloody reds, a celebration of life, as the mother presents her newborn baby to the world.

Mac Farlane's King and Queen also won top billing for 2013. Read the related story:

Double win for Mac Farlane in King and Queen of Carnival final

In an interview Tuesday with the Express newspaper Mac Farlane said he never made any money of his work and appealed for greater appreciation of Carnival's artistry.

"I only hope the governments of now and the future can understand just how important an art form this is. You see chutney and soca monarchs getting millions of dollars, and yes they deserve it, but the prize for large bands is still $300,000. That cannot sustain us," he said.

Mac Farlane also told the Express he disagrees with the boast that T&T's Carnival is the "greatest show on earth", noting that Rio's is much better.

"What we have is the greatest street party. But when you see what Rio has, the elaborate costumes, their Carnival reflects their culture...Brazil's carnival is far, far superior to ours," he said.

  1. Large Band Category (George Bailey Band of the Year)
  2. Joy - The Finale - Brian Mac Farlane (1,361)
  3. The Mystery of Cascadura - Ronnie & Caro (1,247)
  4. Fleets In - Trinidad All Stars (1,189)
  5. Kitch - Man, Music, Legend - Showtime trinidad (1,177)
  6. Paparazzi - Paparazzi Carnival (1.121)
  7. Trinbago To Rio - Legacy (1.097)
Medium Band Category

  1. The Conquest - Colorz Fuh So (1.215)
  2. Magnifique...Earth's Most Colourful Creatures - WE International (1,142)
  3. SoBeIt 2013 - Maurice Chevalier (1,114)
  4. The Human Race - K2K Alliance & Partners (1,111)
  5. Broadway - Just Friends (1,090)
  6. Green Corner - Image Nation (1,034)
  7. Black Skin White Mask - Roam The MAs Band (1,017)
  8. Mirror Mirror "Who Is The..." - Genesis (903)

Small Band Category

  1. Under D Big Top - Belmont Original Stylish Sailors (1,254)
  2. Leviticus - The Word And Associates (1,223)
  3. Revellers In Paradise - Rosalind gabriel And Village Productions (1,202)
  4. Vision Of Crazy Horse - Tribal Connection Cultural Promotion (1,200)
  5. D Trail Of Tears - D Midas T&T (1,134)
  6. We Not I - Dragon Keylemanjahro (1,133)
  7. Danza Del Fuego - Splash D' Mas Band (1,002)
  8. Cocktail Party 2013 - Berlin And Associates (964)
  9. Once Upon A Time In D Mas - Bp Renegades Steel Orchestra (942)
  10. Sink Or Swim - Cat In Bag Productions (937)

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