Sunday, February 10, 2013

Double win for Mac Farlane in King and Queen of Carnival final

Masman Gerard Weeks dances his costume, Ai To Yujo No Yorokobi
(The Joy of Love and Friendship)
Gerard Weekes was crowned 2013 King of Carnival at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain on Friday night but he had to share the honour. 

His winning portrayal was "Ai To Yujo No Yorokobi" (The Joy Of Friendship) from Brian Mac Farlane's 2013 presentation Joy. Ted Eustace earned the same number of points for his portrayal "Moko In Flames."

Ronald Blaize's "De Agony Of Human Bondage" from the band Brazil by Legacy, took third.
Ronald Blaze portrays De Agony of Human Bondage
It was a double win for Mac Farlane, who plans to retire after Carnival. Charrisse Bovell won the Queen of Carnival title for "Rakuen No Yorokobi" (The Joy Of Paradise). It was her second successive Queen of Carnival title.

Bovell collected finished ahead of Liselle Frauenfelder who portrayed "Dania Wantam - The Dance Of Reconciliation". Kay Mason's "From Darkness To Light" was third.

The results:
King of Carnival

1. Gerard Weekes - Ai To Yujo No Yorokobi (The Joy Of Friendship) - 438 pts
1. Ted Eustace - Moko In Flames - 438
3. Ronald Blaize - De Agony Of Human Bondage - 421
4. Glenn Turnbull - Kinyan-Rise Of D Thunderbird - 409
5. Roland St George - Rising Of The Ancestors - 404
Queen of Carnival
1. Charrisse Bovell - Rakuen No Yorokobi (The Joy Of Paradise - 4292. Liselle Frauenfelder - Dania Wantam - The Dance Of Reconciliation - 413
3. Kay Mason - From Darkness To Light -406
4. Gloria Dallsingh - Hera's Sacred Bird - 390
5. Charmaine Enile - Symphony In G, The Heavenly Mix - 384

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