Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Letter: How can THA justify $60,000 a month for London's cousin?

The Newsday has exclusively reported Orville London has hired his cousin, Anselm London to be a high-priced consultant to the Finance Secretary of the new THA. 

It's an alarming situation. I'd therefore like to make a few comments about it.

What could there be that Orville London doesn't know which requires him to hire a consultant, having demonstrated he knows how to run things from TOP to bottom? Hello, sah! Calling Orville!

As if that's not bad enough, what qualifications does this consultant have to merit $60,000 per month from the Treasury, PLUS PERKS, seeing that when he was Finance Secretary, he couldn't spend the money he received on behalf of the THA and used it to buy for the THA at one price, sell at one-tenth the price, then turn around and lease back at one hundred times the original price? Hello, sah! Calling Anselm!

Can anyone unconvince me that one ship got lost and, instead of coming in from Calcutta, it's one from London that docking over here, in Tobago? Hello, sah! Calling Hilton!

Orville says Anselm is a consultant, not an advisor, in other words, this consultant set a new record: he's the first consultant hired anywhere NOT to give advice! Hello, sah! Calling Webster's!

As a taxpaying Toobagonian I am greatly annoyed the impropriety has resumed in the THA. 

The disclosure of Dr Anselm London being hired as a consultant to the new Secretary of Finance is a slap in the face for every citizen, regardless of political persuasion or race, because, among other things, it means this consultant has more market value than the President and the Prime Minister! 

Furthermore, it confirms what the Newsday reports (jobs for the boys), since I'm yet to see an advertisement for the post, or be informed of whom, besides Anselm, were interviewed?

I already said it's taxpayers' money that's footing the bill. I now also point out, this is not a matter of hiring a personal assistant, where a relative or close buddy would normally be preferred, so, how come Cousin Anselm got the nod over whomever? Hello, sah! Calling Integrity Commission!

Philip Maxwell Junior | Arnos Vale, Tobago

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