Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Letter: Beating a tourist becomes a spectator event for Carnival 2013


To my horror on reading one of our national newspapers there laid a full two page spread of gang members attacking two foreigners on Carnival Tuesday. 

It was extremely upsetting after a wonderful breakfast and I must say as the days go by I am losing that sense of pride that I once had for being a “Trini”. What is going on in our nation? We have clearly lost all respect for ourselves, our neighbours and now our guests. It is absolutely horrendous!

The sight of these men makes your stomach churn as from the pictures; they outnumbered the couple and thrashed the man severely before re-joining the festivities that were taking place simultaneously.
What is even more shocking is the fact that there were onlookers (which included children!) casually standing by with folded arms taking in the horror as though it was some amusing film and not even attempting to do something. The band security who attempted to intervene was also beaten mercilessly by these brutes. 

It is unbelievable that all this occurred on the Grand Stand and so many were oblivious (including police) despite announcements being made from the band’s trucks for security. Is this what Carnival has come to? I am absolutely outraged!

I would like to query where were all the implemented CCTV cameras we boasted of. How is it that a witness and the newspapers’ photographer had to capture these ghastly occurrences? How successful are these cameras really?

I would also like to inquire whether the DPP, Roger Gaspard, would move to charge these clearly identified men under the Anti-Gang legislation. It is about time we exercise the law and show these criminals that they are not above the law. 

I pity these foreigners’ experience and I apologize on behalf of my country but I would never recommend that they return to these uncaring, uncouth beasts! 

Something should be done quickly else we would see this country plummeting to its worst. 

I recommend the DPP act swiftly as such cases tend to create a tremendous backlog and nothing comes out of it eventually. We want to see justice, not just files being sent to collect dust while these men roam freely! Not everybody has a twenty four hour security detail protecting us and our family Mr. DPP.

Joanne Hall | La Horquette

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