Thursday, February 21, 2013

Guest commentary: Be careful who you dance with

Every pyschiatric study confirms how serial rapists aren't driven by normal urges for sexual gratification, rather by the manic urge to dominate and humiliate their victims; and how the only permanent solutions (i.e., the ones to spare future victims) is to straightjacket such deviants or cut off their desire by surgical means.

But, what if the rape victim is a country? Is the same solution applicable? Where, in our history, may we find the answer to an obviously vexing problem?
We have seen where the PP government was swept to power twice during the natural euphoria triggered by Kamla's taking control of the UNC. 

Not even the most adamant anti-PP denies the need to curb PNM's overbearing covetousness greatly whipped up such euphoria. Over time, the ecstasy has withered. Is the withdrawal expected, or promoted by the unexpected positions adopted by the PP since being crowned? It has to be the one or the other. 

If the opening observation (about serial rapists) is taken into account, the only satisfactory explanation would be that the PP has spurned instead of accommodating its 400,000 plus lovers' demands. 

The PP finds itself in the distressing situation (as revealed in every reputable poll and undertone) where its lovers' are frustrated over such reticence to the point of overboiling. This is therefore no time for continued pussyfooting! Timing is everything in politics. But if there's no time, delayed action is not an option.

Bluntly speaking, the PNM needs to be castrated! 
Starting immediately, not tomorrow, not next month. 

If not, they'll continue to come at the PP at every turn, every minute, regardless who's looking, because they have nothing to lose, everything to gain, as has already happened in Tobago, for PNM isn't fighting to win local elections, it's fighting to sweep back into office in 2015. 

Gaining, maintaining and regaining political ascendancy within a democratic context sometimes IS a grisly business, no matter how appealing the contender. For that reason, all PNM guns and microscopes are focused on Jack and Anand. 

If PP scalpels aren't readily available, grab a PP pooyah and start swinging! Coming from a canefarming background, that ought not to be a backbreaking task for the phalanx of the PP!

At the end of it all, even the PP haters would concede it was the best way for them to go, for dancing with those who brought you to the dance is always the better option than dancing with serial rapists.

Ayodele Chieng | Irving Street in Petit Bourg

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