Thursday, February 21, 2013

Community News: Oropouche West gets library

Penal is getting a new library. MP for Oropouche West and Minister in the Infrastructure Ministry Stacy Roopnarine made the announcement when she made a tour of the proposed site on Tuesday with officials of NALIS - the National Library and Information Systems Authority.

Roopnarine said she had been working on this project for a while because there is no library in her constituency. Her perseverance has paid off; NALIS is pleased with the proposed site and the library will become a reality soon.

The MP noted the many benefits of a library including access to a wide range of reference materials and modern facilities for students.

The library will be built at Ramjohn Ave, Penal close to two primary schools - the Dayanand Memorial Vedic School and the Penal Presbyterian School.

The Principal of the Vedic School, Daniel-Birju has requested that a Digital Library be made available at the library. 

Roopnarine thanked her parliamentary colleague, Education Minister Tim Gopeesingh for his drive in planning this new library, as well as the NALIS team.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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