Thursday, February 21, 2013

Census data shows mixed population of T&T up to 22.8 per cent

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The latest census data of Trinidad and Tobago shows that 22.8 per cent of the population consider themselves to be "mixed". And the percentage of people of African and Indian are almost the same - 34.4 per cent Indian; 34.2 African.

In Tobago, 85.2 per cent of the population are of African descent, 8.5 per cent mixed and 2.54 per cent East Indian. 

The statistics were released Tuesday by Planning Minister Dr Bhoe Tewarie and Dave Clement, director of the Central Statistical Office (CSO). The information is from the fieldwork for the 2011 census carried out from January 9 to May 31, 2011 and the demographic report, which was completed in December 2012.

The data shows some other interesting facts:
  • Population: 1,328,019 (both islands)
  • Tobago: 60,874
  • Males: 666,305 
  • Females: 661,714 (4,591 fewer than men)
  • Households in Trinidad: 381,258
  • Households in Tobago: 20,125
  • Men are head of two in every three households
  • Children 5-9: 91,330 (2000 census 104,507)
  • Children 10-14: 87,963 (2000 census 129,404)
  • Age group 15-19: 98,378 (2000 census) 138,477
  • Dominant age group: 20-34 and 45-55
The two largest religious groups remain Roman Catholic and Hindu, with both showing declines. The Catholic Church is still the largest in the country with 285,671 followers, but has declined by 1.4 per cent since the last census in 2000. The Hindu group is at 240,100 showing a decline of 4.3 per cent.

Other religious groups that experienced a decrease include the Anglican Presbyterian/Congressional and Methodist Churches. On the flip side some religious groups expanded. The Seventh Day Adventists grew by 22.7 per cent, Baptists were by 13.8 per cent up and Islam's followers grew by 1.6 per cent.

The data also point to a decline in the population of the cities of Port-of-Spain and San Fernando in decline with the highest level of growth in Chaguanas.

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