Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tobagonians are not racists but must be wary of PNM

Since the Tobago House of Assembly was re-inaugurated in 1980, there have been seven THA Elections, seven opportunities of the popularly-elected THA majority appointing four persons as THA Councillors, according to the rules laid out in the THA Act.

During the period 1980 to 2012, Tobago's population has trended downwards from 90% African-origin to 80%, I am told. Yet, during the period, not a single non-African-origin person has ever been selected for such an honour.

Does that mean Hilton Sandy was merely springboarding from the historical facts when he said the PNM will not tolerate a shipload from Calcutta docking at Scarborough?

I think not.

Like hundreds of thousands of others, apart from knowing Tobagonians aren't racist, I am convinced he was plunging to a baser level: reconfirming what Dr Eric Williams had decreed - once a person dons a balisier tie, that person isinstantly stripped of every facet that could distinguish a human being from a crapaud. 

Put bluntly, according to the PNM's founder, PNMites are loathsome, repulsive, cold-blooded creatures who prefer to move around in murky, creepy conditions.

However, a crapaud can revert to some semblance of humanity by the kiss of a woman who is royal.

Time shall tell if that's also true.
Heston Corbie | 69 Prizgar Lands, Laventille.

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