Saturday, January 19, 2013

POS bans J’Ouvert bands from parading in key residential areas

Port of Spain mayor Louis Lee Sing said on Friday J’Ouvert bands won't be allowed to pass through St Clair, St James or Woodbrook on Carnival Monday.
He said police would stop any band in those residential areas. “There will be zero tolerance to J’Ouvert bands that do not comply with these rules,” Lee Sing said at a media conference. 
The news conference included National Carnival Commission (NCC) chairman Allison Demas, NCC CEO Clarence Moe and acting Deputy Police Commissioner Raymond Craig.

Deputy mayor Keron Valentine told reporters Ariapita Avenue would be reopened to J’Ouvert mas bands. “If you recall, last year we had restricted the flow of mas bands and renamed Ariapita Avenue ‘Pan Avenue,’” he said. "All mas bands now are free to go downtown to South Quay and they must stick to the parade routes,” he added.

“Last year, we had people from these residential areas saying that bands were passing their streets, messing up their cars and walls. Any band found going off the route will be stopped, they will be put off the parade route and they will be disbanded.”
Craig said there would be more police on the streets and highways for Carnival "to ensure that we keep our roads safe."

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