Saturday, January 19, 2013

750 illegal aliens deported in two years: Warner

Trinidad and Tobago deported 750 illegal foreigners over the last two years and National Security Minister Jack Warner said on Friday this aggressive policy will continue. 

The deportees were mainly from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean, he said. "We have gone on an aggressive deportation policy to deport illegal immigrants and criminals from this country," he told reporters at a media briefing at the Hyatt hotel in Port of Spain.

Warner gave a breakdown of the nationalities of the deportees for 2011:
  • China - 19 nationals
  • Dominican Republic - 27
  • Jamaica - 16
  • Colombia - 14
  • Ghana - 11
  • India - 11
  • Venezuela - 07
  • Indonesia - 06
  • St Vincent - 05
  • Bangladesh - 04
  • Nigeria - 04
In 2012, the number of deportations reached 482:
  • 283 from Guyanese 
  • 60 from Jamaica
  • 43 from China
  • 16 from the Dominican Republic
  • 10 from St Vincent
  • 09 from Columbia
"If the U.S. can deport our people to deal with crime we would deport other people including the U.S people when they commit crime,” he said. That comment was in reference to the American policy of deporting convicted criminals to their home countries after they serve their prison sentences.

Statistics from the Immigration Department show the United States deported 630 criminals to T&T between 2011 and 2012. They had been jailed for offences including drug trafficking, robbery, gun possession and rape.

“It is my function to bring a sense of safety to this country and anything that can be done to enhance this it shall be done,” Warner said.

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