Tuesday, January 22, 2013

PNM scores landslide victory in Tobago House of Assembly election

The People's National Movement (PNM) won a landslide in Monday's Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election. Party Chairman Franklyn Khan announced that the party has won all 12 seats.

Khan said the people of Tobago have sent a clear message that it rejects the People's Partnership. He said that trend would continue to the Local Government Election later this year and victory in the 2015 general election.

Khan thanked the people of Tobago for creating political history with this victory.

In a speech at the PNM's headquarters at around 10:00 local time Chief Secretary Orville London declared victory as well.
London called it a victory for the people of Tobago, noting that they come first and political parties come next. He described the election campaign as a polarising experience.

"We have to understand that from tonight...all the people must work together for the benefit of Tobago," he said.

He pledged that when he and his colleagues change their political clothes and take office on Thursday they would represent everyone in Tobago.

London appealed to the Prime Minister and cabinet to understand that as leaders they all have to put aside political diffeerences and work together for the benefit of Tobago in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

London said, "What is due to Tobago, Tobago must get." He added that the overwhelming support that the PNM received in the election is a statement that "life under the PNM is a good life."

London also reached out to all Tobagonians for support and said the THA alone cannot move Tobago forward.

The national leader of the PNM, Keith Rowley, expressed the same sentiment and thanked Tobagonians for sending a message to the central government.
Keith Rowley: "There is room for everyone in the PNM"
Rowley called on the central government to show "some respect" for Tobago. And he reiterated what London said earlier - that Monday's victory was not a victory for the Tobago PNM but a victory for the people of Tobago.

He declared that there is room for everyone in the PNM and urged the Tobago leadership "to broaden your seine and cast it" to include everyone.

The PNM leader stated that when he said PNM is getting back to its moorings he meant that the party would return to its founding principles of embracing people of Trinidad and Tobago regardless of race, religion or other considerations to achieve "the common good".

He also cautioned the new THA not to become complacent because there will be no minority leader. He warned that the road ahead won't always be smooth but expressed confidence in the people of the island.

"Tobago has lit the candle to show Trinidad the way," he said. "Stand tall! Be in your best behaviour," he told supporters.

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