Friday, January 11, 2013

NJAC wants Sandy out of THA election; asks for PNM statement rejecting race

The National Joint Action Committee (NJAC) on Thursday said Hilton Sandy's apology for making an anti-Indian racist statement is not good enough.

In a media release the NJAC said "the entire matter must be viewed against the background of the many references with racist undertones being made during the PNM campaign. 

"Mr. Sandy, who, it should be noted, is Deputy Chief Secretary of the THA, must be immediately withdrawn as a PNM candidate in the THA elections.

"NJAC calls for the PNM to make a very strong and clear statement on the issue of race relations, particularly as other members of the party have been making statements, though not on the platform, that are detrimental to good race relations in Trinidad & Tobago. 

"In its statement, the PNM must make clear its position on participation of Indians in the THA elections, in a manner that must remove all doubt as to where they stand."

NJAC is one of four parties that comprise the governing People's Partnership coalition. The others are the United National Congress (UNC), the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) and the Congress of the People (COP).

COP is the only one that has not commented on the issue.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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