Friday, January 11, 2013

Letter: Sadly disappointed in PNM over Sandy's racist remarks

The recent statement made by the Deputy Chief Secretary Hilton Sandy has reminded the population of both Trinidad and Tobago that the PNM has never changed since its birth and no amount of public relations and conventions can help repair this stain the PNM has created.

Politicians and other prominent persons in the public light should be mindful that words are powerful, have consequences and should be used warily. I am sure we could recall the ill-fated statement by Dr Eric Williams on East Indians being a ‘recalcitrant minority’ or the blatant disparagement of East Indians when the PNM ruled. 

I honestly believed that the change in leadership of this party would have brought a change in the mind-set of its politicians; I was further convinced after hearing Dr Rowley’s address at the PNM’s annual convention last year and all the public relations that followed after. 

However this recent statement has just revealed the true colours of the PNM and the fact that they have not changed since William’s time and apologies upon apologies are failing to reassure citizens now.Furthermore, I reject Mr Sandy’s apology. In fact, I can’t even consider that as an apology. Mr Sandy claimed the reason for his statement was that he was ‘overwhelmed by the exuberant atmosphere.’ 

He is a seasoned politician and should be aware of the exuberant atmosphere of politics and how politicians are supposed to be suave in their actions and choice of words. There is no room for getting carried away because as we saw, you end up making hasty decisions and statements. This was extremely disappointing of person hoping to be a representative of the people.

I also reject Dr Rowley’s much delayed response to this outrage. Whereas it may not be the views of the PNM, the THA administration is an integral part of the PNM and views disclosed by its members or member would undoubtedly be representative of the visions of the PNM. 

Therefore, Dr Rowley cannot distance himself and the PNM from Mr Sandy’s statements. He is collectively responsible for the statements made by his party and its affiliations so maybe the best thing to do is apologise as well and reprimand Mr Sandy.

submitted to JYOTI by Sapphire Mohan

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