Friday, January 25, 2013

Letter: Keith Rowley and PNM's double moral standards

Dear Honourable Colm Imbert,

Not having Dr Keith Rowley's email address, I'm writing you. The matter is pressing. It concerns Dr Rowley: he seems to have blown his filament. He needs to be unscrewed and replaced. Bear with me, I won't take too long to explain.

When Hilton Sandy mouthed off against my Indo-Trinbagonian brethren and sistren, Dr Rowley was present, but said nothing. Different media houses subsequently reported Mr Sandy offloaded his foul remarks on more than one occasion, at more than one venue. 

There was a hue and cry almost instantly. The Roman Catholic Archbishop and all was moved to chastise the folly. It was only then that Dr Rowley came out and upbraided Mr Sandy. But, instead of asking him to withdraw from the election, Dr Rowley "dissociated himself from what Mr Sandy said" and asked wider society to move on and PNM supporters to vote for him.

Throughout the sorry saga, Mr Sandy held senior executive office as the Deputy Chief Secretary of the THA and Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities. The two positions are "public offices"; in either and both capacities, Mr Sandy had tremendous responsibility and oversight of hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars, therefore, routinely had and would have to make judgment calls as to how to apportion those dollars in furtherance of the welfare of the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, particularly those living in Tobago. 

Some of those citizens are of Indian descent, yet your leader, Dr Rowley, found no cause to be alarmed at Mr Sandy's personal convictions as Mr Sandy himself had revealed by his statements. In fact, following the election, Mr Sandy has been reinstated as the Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Utilities without any proof to the public that he has been "brainwashed" to erase his fear/hatred of Indo-Trinbagonians.

Shortly after Mr Sandy's blatantly racist statements were made, Dr Indira Rampersad commented on them. Like many who heard the statements, she interpreted them to be a part of your party's campaign strategy; indeed, how otherwise could any reasonable person interpret them, given the context within which they were made? Remember, even His Grace, Joe Harris, was forced to intervene?

Like Mr Sandy, Dr Rampersad holds "public office"; she's a Commissioner of the Equal Opportunity Commission. Unlike with Mr Sandy, your leader, Dr Rowley, has gone ballistic against Dr Rampersad: he has rushed off a letter to His Excellency The President, demanding that he (His Excellency) forthwith dismiss her. 

It is the reasons he gave which make me believe that your party's leader really has issues which warrant his being replaced, since the Express reported him as justifying his call because

"...the oath of office taken by Rampersad requires her to impartially discharge the functions of the office and do right to all manner of people without fear or favour, affection or ill-will...

"And without a shred of evidence and in breach of all principles of natural justice, she has made a wholly unjustified, biased, controversial, revolting and, by far, an improper declaration in public about the PNM..."

Mr Imbert, what is the difference between Dr Rowley's "justification" for Dr Rampersad's removal and the justifications a wide range of persons have given concerning Mr Sandy's...except that the former is an Indo-Trinbagonian and the latter is an Afro-Trinbagonian? 

Your leader never acceded to the widespread demands for Mr Sandy to go. All he did was issue a statement in an attempt to dissociate himself and the PNM "publicly and unambiguously" from the Sandy's statement, NOT SANDY. What sort of flip-flopping is this? If something's good for the goose, why is Dr Rowley withholding it from the gander?

By your leader's logic, both he and Mr Hilton Sandy have to resign!

Please convince him. If he won't budge, don't force the point singlehandedly...from what I've heard, he's a bit eccentric when pushed.

© Richard Wm. Thomas,
5 Rivers, Arouca,
Trinidad and Tobago.

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