Thursday, January 17, 2013

Letter: Father, forgive Hilton! For he knows not what he did

Allow me to part company with many of you who attack Hilton Sandy over some downright stupid statements he made. 

As a devout Roman Catholic I must be minded to follow the example of my Lord and Saviour, for my faith tells me wherever there's life there is hope and the opposite of hope is fear. 

Hilton Sandy, like several persons I've met during my lifetime, is fear-FILLED NOT FEARFUL, therefore to be pitied and taught. If no one wants to come forward and open his eyes, I will, so, please, publish my letter for him to read.

Fear-filled persons stubbornly cling to their illusions, believing them to be comfort zones. Their phobia blocks them from seeing or embracing healthy or healthier circumstances directly within their view or reach. 

Every invitation extended to them to shake loose of their debilitating condition is rejected without as little as a first look. Most times the invitee or facilitator is scolded in a most insulting manner to make them go away so the fear-filled can continue to wallow undisturbed. 

Unable to shake loose from their crippled state, the fear-filled remain trapped, as it were, in a prison so dim and dank, their lives eventually degenerate into a veritable Hotel California-style Dark Hole of Calcutta: having checked in, "guests" immediately become choked, lacking the power, initiative or desire to seek a permanent cure to their condition, unless some Good Samaritan comes along and pulls them back from the brink.

Understanding fully well that is only through hope does anybody look for a cure, look on the bright side, or understand that what we are all today is as a result of our past experiences, therefore could be improved to meet tomorrow's challenges, I beg God Almighty to take hold of Mr Sandy and his friends of same outlook so they could self-acknowledge their past and begin their healing for our future's sake.

And beg, Father, forgive Hilton, for he knows not what he did! Amen.

Judy Francis | Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas.

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Jai & Sero

Our family at home in Toronto 2008

Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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