Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letter: Development for Tobago long overdue

With the upcoming elections in Tobago, I see a more prosperous beginning for Tobago, given that we make the right choice. I say beginning because administrations come and administrations go, we have seen bare or no progress at all for Tobago.

I say that because I am a Tobagonian who shifted to Trinidad for more opportunities and for the wider range of facilities and infrastructure that Trinidad has over Tobago.

However, not many Tobagonians are as fortunate as myself to have a support system in Trinidad. I recall my elder brother had to move in with some strangers, work and study at UWI just to make some headway in life. He established himself well and then supported me throughout my UWI days.

Now that elections has been called, Tobago has a chance to standup for their rights and demand that they do not have to put up with similar or even harsher circumstances.

Some politicians need to be reminded that without any action there would no longer be any loyalty. I have always supported Orville London but after so many years and billions of our dollars, we are unable to see any major changes in Tobago. 

Major changes like a university for my brother and I, or at least my children, proper hospitals for my mother, who has unfortunately passed on, ownership to land which we have occupied for years, major intervention in the tourism sector and other necessities that Tobago should have. 

Tobago is an enormously viable island and once sufficient attention and substantial investment is directed toward it, it can prove to be a very flourishing country especially in terms of tourism.

My message to Tobagonians is to not let Tobago suffer anymore! Make the right decision and put you and your country first because loyalty has not gotten us far with the present regime.

Sandy Davidson-Edwards | Previously of Bon Accord, now residing in St. Augustine

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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