Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OBIT: Father Henry Charles dies suddenly

Roman Catholic priest and a former chairman of the Integrity Commission, Father Henry Charles, was found dead Tuesday morning.

Church members and officials went looking for the priest when he failed to show up for a funeral service at the St. Mary's Church in St. James. Church officials say Father Charles appeared to be in good health when he attended a meeting in Maraval Monday night.
Father Charles was appointed head of the Integrity Commission in 2009. He resigned shortly after being appointed when he admitted to allegations of plagiarism in one of his newspaper columns.

It's believed that he died from a heart attack.
Fr. Charles was the parish priest of St. Mary's Church in St. James, Trinidad. 
In addition to being a priest, Fr. Charles was a qualified lawyer, holding a law degree from the George Washington University in the United States (US) and an LLM from the University of London. 

He attended St Mary’s College, Port-of-Spain and won an island scholarship in languages. He took an honours degree in Classics from University College Dublin, followed by a master’s degree from the Gregorian University, Rome. 

He went on to do further graduate studies in the US, with a master’s in Ethics from Harvard Divinity School and a PhD in Ethics from Yale Graduate School. He later taught ethics, theology and literature at the Regional Seminary in Trinidad, the University of the West Indies and at St Louis University, Missouri.


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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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