Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PNM planning to throw out Rowley: Moonilal

Roodal Moonilal has his own take on why the opposition People's National Movement (PNM) has amended its constitution to allow its leader to be elected by a one-member, one-vote system - it's to get rid of Keith Rowley.

Moonilal made the point when he addressed supporters of the United National Congress (UNC) at the party's Monday Night Forum at Tulsa Trace Hindu School, Penal.

“I want to tell you that one-man-one-vote in the PNM has nothing to do with democracy, that one-man-one-vote is to get rid of one man— that is, to get rid of Rowley in the next election,” Moonilal declared.

The PNM approved changes to its constitution over the weekend to allow the change from a delegate system of voting in internal elections to one that the UNC had from the time it was formed. Rowley told PNM supporters that the party must be prepared to take charge because Trinidad & Tobago is in "crisis".

The Oropouche MP and Minister of Housing scoffed at Rowley, stating that there is no national crisis, adding that it is the opposition leader who is facing a crisis.

“Rowley is talking about a nation in crisis. I want to ask Rowley, what nation in crisis? Who in crisis? I want to tell you it is Rowley in crisis. They vote for one-man-one- vote. They pass it yesterday (Sunday.) The UNC introduced that 20 years ago,” Moonilal said.

"He cannot even select candidates in his own party,” Moonilal told supporters.

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