Sunday, December 9, 2012

Letter: What a shame! Is this political discrimination?

DPP Roger Gaspard
Dear Editor,

The speed with which the DPP has moved to charge MP Colin Partap shows how efficient he is. And that is good real good because it shows that we have a DPP who is concerned about public morality and public ethics. 

Hooray! If an MP breaks the law charge him WE have no issue with that.
However note carefully the approach of the Police with respect to a Minister of the PP Government. Look what they did to Jack Warner when his driver was not wearing a seat belt. They made a spectacle of it. They should simply charge him. 

Look what they did to Rupert Griffith who is now before the court for "annoying" language. Are there are elements within the Police Service bent on some kind of political revenge. 

Remember what they did to Dhanraj Singh when he was driving on the shoulder. I am not saying MP's should break the law and go scotch free but surely when the Central bank Governor admits that $10 billion could have been saved if the regulators had done their jobs then where is the DPP? 

Where was the DPP when the Cenrtral bank Governor wrote to him? Why is the DPP trying to shut down the inquiry into CLICO and HCU? WHY WHY WHY?
It is now appearing to the public that the DPP is not independent and that he could be guilty of favoritism. Only he can deal with this. 

However trust in the DPP is diminishing and I wait to hear from the PNM apologists like Reginald Dumas, Martin Daly, Raffique Shah etc in the Express in particular and Maxie Cuffie in the Guardian. 

Let us hear you about the independence of the DPP. In all of this what can the citizen do. Who can remove the DPP? This is totally unfair to the citizens. Go now DPP lest you be sullied any further.

Chandra Harnanan | Cipero Road San Fernando

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