Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Letter: PNM sinning, but pelting stone

It's the same thing I've been saying for the past two years or more. The same thing I've been fearing would happen too. 

Did you see the daily papers, where the Ingrity Commission advertised all who failed to file the Declarations of Income, Assets and Liabilities and their Statements of Registrable Interests for 2011? 

I mean, how could Dr Rowley and the others do such a thing to us, in the midst of a major makeover? Why are they pointing out speck in other people's eyes and forgetting the big logs in their own?

Up to this morning (Monday) Dr Rowley found himself on the TV boasting how the PNM is the one to take over the government because of the incompetence and lack of experience of the PP. 

But, here I am, with the papers open in front me, and it says plainly that Dr Rowley, Dr Amery Browne, Fitzgerald Hinds, Penny Beckles, Mariano Browne, Deon Isaac, Hermia Tyson-Cuffie and Harvey Borris, all of them top PNM members either because they're in the House, the Senate, County Councils or married condition, not one of them doing what they're required to do under the Intergrity Act. 

Good Lord, I'm even seeing Brian Manning's name! How can they make a bad lapse like that, when simultaneously making a big hulaballoo that PP government ministers and others hiding things the people of this country ought to know? 

Shame! Disgusting! outrageous! Harsher words fail me right now! 

What is this, I'm even seeing Joseph Remy and Gregory Sloane-Seale who hitting out hard against the non-disclosure of Point Fortin Highway information! Who knows, it probably have more PNM names on the list, since the list in fron ot me contains over 300 names!

Then people does wonder why I does keep saying that our mouthpieces have become rahrahs, neglecting their basic duties, jumping on any passing or distant bandwagon while leaving their cocoa exposed. 

PNM has no right to have any of its on in any Integrity Commission bad books! Anytime that happens, it means we're sinning, but pelting stone.

Octavia Crichlow,
Upper Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande.
(PNM! But no fanatic!)

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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