Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kamla tells supporters no one will distract her from building a nation of equals

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said on Monday night leadership is about holding fast and strong to what is right for the nation and not for a person or group of persons. 

Speaking in her dual capacity as PM and leader of the United National Congress  (UNC) at her party’s Monday Night Forum at the Avocat Vedic school, she noted that in the recent impasse over the highway to Point Foritn some of her ministers were ready to capitulate.

She said she stood firm because she knew that she was standing and speaking from a platform of good governance and integrity.

“Whatever may be my personal feelings, as your leader it was my duty to seek the nation’s interest first, second third and last. I believe that I did this and held to my vow to act without fear of favour,” she said.

She expressed pride in how her government has acted in the past few weeks to allow the greatest expression of democracy and freedom of speech and freedom of association more than any other government in the past.

“I take pride in this fact and boldly proclaim that freedom is at its best under my administration. The Constitution is being upheld under my watch as Prime Minister. This is good governance!” she declared.

She noted that those who oppose her and her party will continue to malign government’s polices as they have been doing. However she said nothing will break her spirit ”for it is founded on truth and is energized by the love and support you give to me.” She added, “Together we are going to fulfil our mission of prosperity for all.”

She said no one would distract her from her mission. “I shall not be disturbed by the assassins who have nothing better to do than to find fault and to seek to destroy. The hand of karma shall come back to slap them for as they sow so shall they reap.

“I am building a society where the poorest are being given a chance to rise above their current circumstances engendered by poverty. I am building a society of equals.
“I am building a society where each individual is treated with dignity and respect. I am building a society where the values of love, compassion and care are practiced by the leaders who are the exemplars. 

“I am building a society where we respect and value each other’s traditions, religion and culture and where we share a common understanding of who we are as OUR COUNTRY IS POISED FOR GREAT THINGS.

"If I have a dream then this is it. I wish to inspire the spirit of neighbourliness once again throughout this Nation. I want us to be one!" she said 

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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