Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Changes coming in 2013 for youth training facilities

The Persto Praesto and Chatham Youth Development and Apprenticeship Centres will see some radical changes in 2013. 

The promise came Monday night from Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar during an address at a political meeting of her United National Congress (UNC) at the Avocat Vedic School.

She said the Minister of Gender, Youth and Child Development has agreed to the request of the Minister of Tertiary Education and Skills Training, to allow MYPART trainees to use part of the unoccupied residential units at those locations in order that training could be delivered to the targeted youth, who cannot be facilitated at its lone facility at Mausica. 

She saod beginning in January 2013, the Military-Led Programme of Apprenticeship Re-orientation Training, MYPART, will for the first time be expanded to two (2) other locations: the Persto Praesto Youth Camp in Freeport and the Chatham Youth Camp in Granville. 

She said the move will provide youth with greater opportunities for new career paths and jobs in the future upon graduation.

MYPART, which incorporates a residential model to provide training, certification and positive personal development opportunities to youth “at risk”, was transferred from the Ministry of National Security to the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training earlier this year.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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