Saturday, December 8, 2012

Equal rights for gays in T&T draft gender policy

A government minister has given the assurance that people of every sexual orientation would have equal rights if the cabinet approves a new policy drafted by the ministry of Gender, Child and Youth Development.

Junior minister Ramona Ramdial told the Guardian the policy is recognising the reality in society based on the issue of human rights. 

"The gender policy has been drafted from a human-rights perspective, and is more about equal opportunities," she noted, adding that gay groups are more interested in equal opportunity rather than same-sex marriage.

"They felt they were being discriminated against in the workplace. They were not thinking so far ahead as same-sex marriages,” she told the paper.

Colin Robinson, of the group Caiso (Coalition Advocating for Inclusion of Sexual Orientation) was thrilled to hear the news. 

He told the Guardian, “We believe the gay, lesbian and bisexual community in T&T should have the same protection against discrimination that every other citizen enjoys. We are in the 21st century."

While the government is dealing that issue it is being very cautious about legal abortions. Ramdial told the Guardian the issue is currently being discussed.

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