Thursday, November 1, 2012

RUM AND ROTI The Royal & The Monarch | November 10

Richard Fung introduces Canadian audiences to Andil Gosine’s WARDROBES in his new documentary, Dal Puri Diaspora—and some filmgoers will get the chance to travel deeper into the art-fashion project right after Dal Puri’s premiere at Reel Asian.

A special $30 “Lime” ticket (exclusively through REEL ASIAN) gets you into the film screening as well as an after-film art experience at the nearby Monarch Festival Hub (12 Clinton St). 

Attendees enter to a carefully curated selection of Trinidadian calypso, soca and chutney music, and pick up their complimentary rum cocktail at the bar. 

After watching a film about roti, you’ve got to have one – and Lettie and Adam will be serving up yours from a customized “Roti Shop” created with industrial designer-artist Kara Springer. 

This “Roti Shop” will also showcase two items from Andil Gosine’s collection, the “Cutlass” brooch and “Rum and Roti” – a bag he designed with Skinny Vinny of Brooklyn that appears in Dal Puri! This is the premiere exhibition of the bag in Canada, and the first time its limited run of 25 will be on sale.

Throughout the duration of the “Lime,” the art performance A Map of Pleasure, A Map of Grief will unfold, with individual participants invited by Andil to respond to a series of questions which are then turned into maps by guest artists Gyimah Gariba—whose artwork features in the limited edition event poster (above) and Joshua Vettivelu. At the end of the night, participants get to take their maps home. There’ll also be other little surprises in store!

Andil describes Wardrobes as an exploration of how migration impacts experiences of intimacy. “It’s a longer story of desire,” he says, “a story about living in between the feeling that no where is home, and everywhere might be home.” 

Richard Fung’s search for roti, he adds, “is about his living in this space.” Wardrobes began life as a series of art objects Andil created and premiered at the New York Institute of Fashion, and later developed into a series of art performances and a play that elaborate each object’s story. 

Rum and Roti is the second of four art happenings to take place in Toronto over 2012-13.

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