Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rowley still has questions about OPV matter

Keith Rowley told the Express newspaper he wants to see documentary evidence about the settlement of the OPV matter. He wants to know whether the country would still suffer a net loss after repaying the loan that the government took to buy the vessels.

It was the Patrick Manning PNM administration that borrowed the money to finance the billion dollar purchase that the new People's Partnership government canceled.

Rowley told the paper he has some important questions, "What did we claim for and what did we get settled in our favour? Did we get back all of the money we had borrowed to pay BAE and how much we are still owing the bank. What were the ancillary charges arising out of the cancellation?"

He added, "Until we get the whole picture, I would not be in a position to say whether the Government came out on top or below because there are a lot of ancillaries," Rowley stated.

"There are a lot of questions we need answers for before we can fully understand this situation, and I hope that the Government would be very forthcoming and truthful.

"If you go out to buy something, and you take a loan and you change your mind halfway, it does not affect the loan. And if you get some money back, you still have the loan to discharge, which would include the interest payments," Rowley said.

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