Thursday, November 15, 2012

Political quote: Egg on Rowley's face

Keith Rowley
If Keith Rowley had his way he would never have taken on the giant BAE systems. Instead, he would have gone ahead with a bad deal and committed the taxpayer of Trinidad & Tobago to wasting billions of dollars.

In Parliament in 2010 the leader of the opposition warned the People's Partnership government not to take on such a powerful company.

The Hansard record quoted Wednesday by AG Anand Ramlogan shows that Rowley lacks the strength and commitment to serve the people as a leader and leaves Rowley with political egg all over his face:

“I will tell you, Mr. Deputy Speaker, we are not the only ones who cancelled contracts at BAE, „eh‟. 

"The Sultan of Brunei attempted to do the same thing on a €700 contract, and if we think that BAE will give us a pass or give us a bligh, especially since the Prime Minister has made the case for BAE lawyers, I expect that if the Government continues along this path, cancels this contract, that we will, in fact be heading for the courts and we would not have many legs to stand on because we are talking about delays.”

From Hansard of October 22, 2010

And here's an example of PNM misinformation (lies?):

"It is my understanding that the Government has lost the arbitration and the country may be liable to pay out monies to BAE Systems in the sum of hundreds of millions of dollars." Colm Imbert, MP.

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