Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reality check: Are the local media stalking the government?

Brevity is the soul of wit and fixation is the heart of stalking or spite. Is it that the local media is stalking the government or spiteful towards it?
To prove, let's visit the links to a leading local newspaper's editorials over the past fourteen days. Only one says something good or not bad, and just barely. See for yourself:
  1. Nov 28th 2012: Why the PM should worry about Mr WarnerEssence: Minister Warner is a chronic liar, so PM Persad-Bissessar must fire him
  2. Nov 27th 2012: Howai's turn to make on-time pay promisesEssence: New Finance Minister, Howai, seems to be no different from his untrustworthy Cabinet colleagues
  3. Nov 26th 2012 : Off on the wrong footEssence: New Minister of Trade, Bharath, is conducting the Ministry's business in a suspicious manner
  4. Nov 25th 2012: Too much for AG to handle? Essence: The Attorney General is a Jack of all trades and Master of none
  5. Nov 24th 2012: Use gas windfall wiselyEssence: The PM and her government should have kept quiet about Savonette gas find
  6. Nov 23rd 2012: Service commissions overhaul overdueEssence: Minister Ramadhar not dealing quickly enough with constitutional reformNov 22nd 2012: Straining Section 81Essence: If President Richards had balls like ANR, he would heed Dr Rowley, not the Government
  7. Nov 21st 2012: $4.5m exercise in futilityEssence: Laventille Family Day was a waste of money and time
  8. Nov 20th 2012: Siege mentality shown as THA comes under first .Essence: Government hatchet persons, like Minister Roberts, are deliberately waging war against the THA
  9. Nov 19th 2012: Can't find this one online. Btw, the paper must fix its user-hostile website
  10. Nov 18th 2012: Undoing OPV deal an impressive successEssence: After initially doubting, hails OPV arbitration success, since it has been "internationally confirmed"
  11. Nov 17th 2012: Consultation needed to move mas forwardEssence: Scourges Minister Dr Douglas over moves to establish new NCC policies
  12. Nov 16th 2012: Education Ministry failed this testEssence: Pounds Ministry over public servants' bungling in announcing President's Gold Medal winner
  13. Nov 15th 2012: Time to turn back, Madam PMEssence: Minister Warner is chronically reckless. The PM too, as, whenever he speaks, he speaks for her.
Or, is it I'm paranoid?

Humphrey Diefenthaller | La Horquette, Trinidad

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Unknown said...

The list can be longer were the time span to be increased. However the point is proven. The aggressiveness with which this government pursues its people's agenda, it's demonstrated sensitivity to the needs of the population at large is directly proportional to the efforts of those who opposes the government's agenda and the people in power to bring it down by means fair or foul. Journalistic integrity is lost when so called free, fair and balanced media operate as wings of political parties.

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