Thursday, November 29, 2012

Letter: We need to question the DPP's motive in seeking an end to CLICO/HCU eqnuiry

I'm no fan of AG Anand Ramlogan, but I have to say I cannot understand why the DPP would want to stop the Clico Commission of Enquiry. 

So much has been said and published about this sordid affair, I fail to see what muzzling the Enquiry at this stage will achieve. This seems to be a classic instance of bolting the door after the horse escaped. 

As I understand it, the Commission of Enquiry is attempting to determine why two apparently solid financial institutions (HCU and Clico) went belly up. How did we miss the signs of distress? Did we simply ignore the symptoms? Who is to blame?

I believe a police investigation should've been launched a long time ago. The DPP should've taken charge and announced a police investigation three to five years ago. 

If that was done, today those responsible for the loss of my cousin's entire savings and pension would either be on trial, or behind bars. 

It appears to me Lawrence Duprey was right when he said this investigation is a direct response to the Coleman Enquiry. It's clear the Enquiry put pressure on the relevant authorities in a way that made it impossible to ignore the call for criminal justice. 

My fear is that by now a lot of the evidence may have vanished. Mr Duprey recently described himself as a poor man. If this is true, then it's a clear case of too little too late by the DPP.

But I also understand the DPP's concerns about allowing the Commission of Enquiry to continue. The risk of prejudice to potential defendants poses a real threat and can lead to arguments about negative pre-trial publicity. 

What I cannot understand, however, is the DPP's protection of the investigation into the Clico predicament, which is in stark contrast to his unexplained silence when the top officials of the HCU were being grilled in this very Enquiry.

Surely, the DPP's concerns would've applied equally to Harry Harnarine as it did to Lawrence Duprey? Common sense would tell you both cases deserve a police investigation. 

You don't need to be a lawyer to see that. So, why the "different strokes for different folks", I ask? Is there a difference between Harnarine and Duprey? I hope I don't have to set up my own Commission of Enquiry to get the answers?

Octavia Crichlow | Upper Ojoe Road, Sangre Grande.

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