Monday, November 12, 2012

Moonilal slams Rowley in speech at Divali Nagar

Roodal Moonilal told guests at Divali Nagar Friday night that he was happy that the National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC) is an “all embracing” cultural organisation that has welcomed all.

The Housing Minister and MP for Oropouche East noted that NCIC welcomes even those who don't share its values, an obvious reference to Opposition Leader Keith Rowley.

He spoke about Rowley's condemnation of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar's act of respect and humility in India earlier in the year.

"It was only earlier this year when the Prime Minister went to India and in receiving the blessings from the president of India the PM bowed, in one of the most sacred rituals by taking the blessings of the elders, and there were those in this society who felt that was contemptuous.
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“They poured scorn on that Hindu practices of bowing at the elderly. I am happy that they come to you to share your values,” he said. 

Rowley told PNM supporters in January the Prime Minister was wrong. "I am a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago and I take umbrage at my Prime Minister going to anybody's country and kissing any office holder's foot." He added, "Nobody sent the Prime Minister abroad to represent her religion or her race."  

Moonilal took the opportunity to show off his personal talent and ended his presentation by singing a Hindi film song, "Janam Janam ke Sath Sath Hain" (I'll be with you in lifetime after lifetime).

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