Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moonilal has no apology for comments about Kublalsingh; will have more to say Monday

UNC officials in Debe - Roodal Moonilal, Deputy Leader; Jack Warner, Chairman and Kamla Persad-Bissessar, Political Leader (Newsday photo)
Roodal Moonilal has no apology for comments he made on Monday night suggesting that the Kublalsingh hunger strike is only one phase of a protest that would eventually lead to violence.

The Oropouche East MP told local media he would have more to say on the matter. On Monday Moonilal, who hosted the UNC meeting in Debe, told supporters Kublalsingh is a "fraudster" and "trickster" and wondered why a family would want to watch one its members starve to death.

He also described as "political vultures" the parade of "political opportunists" who have been hovering around Kublalsingh "waiting for him to die."

Congress of the People (COP) political leader Prakash Ramadhar told reporters Wednesday his party wishes to distance itself from those comments, which he described as "objectionable and unacceptable".

Moonilal told the Express newspaper Ramadhar and his party are entitled to their opinion. He also noted that it is his "sacred policy" not comment on statements issued by Cabinet colleagues and Partnership members.

He also pointed out that while reports in the media suggest that he is under attack for making those statements a reality check shows a different story.

"I've received a lot of commendation, calls, text messages, e-mails and endorsement from my constituents and others who believe I did not go far enough, so I intend to go deeper and raise some more issues at next week's meeting," Moonilal declared.

That meeting is scheduled for Tulsa Trace Hindu School on Monday December 03.

Moonilal said, "I will speak more about the rise of small cult movements in the United States and Guyana."

Moonilal referred to an alleged incident involving the chairman of the UNC youth arm Nicholas Morris and Wayne's father, Ray Kublalsingh. Morris reported to the St Clair Police Station that the elder Kublalsingh threatened the UNC youth group.

Moonilal said, "I understand that regrettably my prediction of 48 hours ago seems to have been spot on," Moonilal told the Express. "They threatened violence on the youth person who had another view," Moonilal.

Moonilal said he and his political colleagues believe the hunger strike "is misguided and we have lost faith in the family to exercise discretion. It seems almost pointless to wish that any good sense will prevail."

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