Friday, November 16, 2012

Letter: Whose side is the PNM on anyway?


That's the only explanation I can find to fathom why Dr Keith Rowley responded with such incredulity to cold fact of the Attorney General's victory over British Aerospace Engineering (BAE) in the just-concluded settlement of the Offshore Patrol Vehicle (OPV) question. 

No coherent human being, especially a highly-educated and practised politician as Dr Rowley could have become dismayed at the way the issue was settled, except they were dumbfounded: as when given a stiff uppercut by Muhammad Ali in his heyday.

The initial response of Dr Rowley (indeed, of his PNM) boggles the Trinbagonian imagination immensely. 

In the face of hardnose, bareknuckled facts, as plainly revealed by the Attorney General in his news conference yesterday (Wednesday), how can Dr Rowley (or any member of the PNM) claim that until BAE says so they're not accepting the information? 

Aren't we in 2012, fifty years after becoming independent, meaning, no longer dependent on foreign entities to tell us the truth of what we can do or did? 

Whose side does Dr Rowley and the PNM really support? More significantly, whose side can they be counted on to support if ever, God forbid, Trinbago goes to war against another country?

My advice to the government of the day is to ignore the PNM altogether if not already. 

The PNM has been banished since May 2010, in order to preserve the national patrimony. Their behaviour (as evidenced by their response to the BAE matter) demands that, for the sake of preserving the nation's sanity, the PNM must be dispatched to the nethermost parts possible, meaning, banished from every position of influence to which they still tenaciously, but tenuously, cling.

Anthony Rouff | Herbalist Tobago, Bon Accord.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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