Friday, November 16, 2012

2 Letters: Why the PNM despises AG Ramlogan/No future for T&T with Rowley

Anybody who is surprised over the PNM's reaction to Anand Ramlogan winning in London evidently has no idea of history, so needs to be taught, else be doomed.

Anand Ramlogan is the same man who, as an attorney in private practice, humiliated the PNM in legal battles so often, every PNM I have met over the past several years had one thing only to say about the man: "He is a blinking thorn in we side! We can't win him at all in court! If we don't stop him, he will surely be our nemesis and eventually cause our undoing! This calls for all-out war! Anand must be stopped i8f PNM is to survive!"

Now that you know what motivates the PNM, be not surprised or confused or bemused tomorrow or whenever concerning their frantic behaviour whenever the name or sight of Anand Ramlogan is mentioned or observed.

Garry Hunter | La Seiva, Maraval, Trinidad


From: Gwendy Huggins, Glencoe, West Trinidad.

You may or may not recall the last time I wrote to you, it was about the devastation wrought upon my household and neighbourhood by the horrible floods of August last. 

Since that time, thankfully, life has returned to some semblance of cohesion, for many of the material things have been fixed or replaced, that is, apart from stuff like photo albums of what Gwendy has experienced over the several decades of her life. Sigh!

Just as I thought things were beginning to retake settled shape on the homefront, up comes my MP, Dr Rowley, to upset me with his alarming (alarmist?) statement about the outcome of the BAE negotiations and conclusion. Is he for real? I asked myself. 

What does he mean when he discloses he cannot believe a word the government says? 

I ask the question seeing that he took the government's word (or at least the word of persons close to the incumbent government) when he accepted their invitation to don hastily-acquired Indian finery and sashay down to Dival Nagar with his wife.

Dear citizens, isn't it time the PNM takes a good look at itself in mirror and the electoral results of May 2010 rather than inundate us with its constant inanity? 

Don't you agree that such is the only way it can settle down to shaping its future if it is to have any future or worth?


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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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