Friday, November 2, 2012

Letter: PNM march is attempt at power grab

Today the opposition PNM takes to the streets of Trinidad to ostensibly protest against the absence of "good governance" in the twin island state. 

The "trip" however is really intended for PNM to solidify its base of support in order to propel it back into power in the shortest time possible even before the next constitutionally due elections in another two and half years. 

In its foundational years PNM aspired to be a national movement but ever since the passing of it's founder The Honourable Dr Eric Williams it has increasingly
morphed into an ethno-centric movement catering to its urban elite whilst keeping it's support base hungry while seemingly "feeding them at the trough of the treasury". 

The resultant ethos is that everyone else and everything else is delegitimize and stigmatize as unworthy of equal opportunities and unfit to lead "PNM country". 

Though the PNM continues to mouth "national aspirations" its culture is sunk deep in anything but. Today's march seeks to replicate the rift of the late 1980s between the government and the governed which created the conditions for the attempted coup. 

The PNM is playing with match sticks, would it then disclaim its sole responsibility for starting a fire that would burn the nation? 

The PNM by its style of governance lost its innocence a long time ago. It's greatest calamity being the death of its visionary Dr. Eric Williams, with none of the lilliputians who followed him even capable of shining his shoes much
less stepping 
into them. 

Good governance includes a loyal opposition playing its role effectively in Parliament not on the streets as a protest movement.

God help our nation.

Alim Ali | Toronto

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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