Friday, November 2, 2012

Letter: All Souls ... a time to pray for the departed!

Today is November 2nd 2012. It's the day when a significant and eternally powerful segment of our cosmopolitan population pray to God The Almighty One that the dead would find a peaceful resting place. 

Trinidad and Tobago being a land where theboundaries separating different cultures and beliefs have long been blurred by our highly tolerant and all-inclusive outlooks, though All Souls' Day is a Roman Catholic celebration, if you visit any cemetery today or tonight, you'd findliving souls of all religious persuasions tending to the resting places of those whom they considered dear.

It is appropriate to pray for the dead to find or be given peace: when the dead is restless, they tend to parade up and down the place, doing their best to scare the living daylights out of the quick and vibrant, especially those of the quick and vibrant who are striving their utmost to improve living conditions for people who are not yet in the graves or not yet born.

As we have seen lately in Trinidad and Tobago, a significant aspect of such striving involves pursuing marauders who had their untrammelled gorging cut short on May 24th 2010. As we may or may not know, sometimes such pursuit involves reaching into the graves, so to speak, to retrieve from the possessions of persons who are deceased or simply gone underground.

I note that today a procession is scheduled for Port of Spain, Trinidad. I further note it has been called by individuals whowere actively involved in the wantonness of prior to May 24th 2010 and that it is openly supported by those whom history has deemed to be politically dead and or irrelevant and or purely of nuisance value. One of the leading individuals might properly be described as Count Draculandate.

I ask, as a result, that special prayers be sent forth this All Souls' Day, so that these hapless souls may find their equal place in the political cemetery, thus to allow persons who have the country's well-being at heart the room to guide Trinidad and Tobago to an even better condition than they've made it in their brief period they've thus far reigned.

Heston Corbie | 69 Prizgar Lands, Laventille (

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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