Friday, November 30, 2012

Letter: Kublalsingh fast is a form of terrorism!

Wayne Kublalsingh
When an estranged lover or spouse puts a gun to their heads and threatens to kill themselves if you leave them - what is it? It is terrorism - you are now expected to do what they want, not what you want, from the fear of being blamed for their death - as has happened many times with life long guilt.

Now, when Kublalsingh sits and lies outside the PM office, in her full view, slowly committing suicide by starvation unless she does what he says - what is it, if not terrorism. If it is not terrorism, then what is it? 

It is like putting a gun to his head and threatening to kill himself, if she does not do what he says, telling the PM she is to blame for him killing himself. The man is obviously a non violent terrorist although some may even consider his self starvation a form of violent action perpetuated against himself. Either way Kublalsingh is a terrorist.

It gets even worse - all those people supporting him and those so called noble people, even religious people, visiting him and pointing their fingers at the PM telling her she should do what he says or he will kill himself and they will hold her to blame, are also terrorists. 

Kublalsingh being the gun they are holding to the head of the PM. They should be ashamed of themselves for being terrorists in the public view and cameras, and if they were so noble, they would tell Kublalsingh to stop his misguided terrorism of the PM and await his day in court as is done in any decent and civilized society. He has a case in court and as a civilized human being he must await his day in court.

It is a tragedy of our society that men and women in such high positions in our society, and held in such high regard in our society, can so unwittingly become terrorists without giving serious thought to their terrorist actions. The Kublalsingh fast has now degenerated into a bunch of terrorists attempting to terrorise the PM.

What sorry examples for our youth to follow, no wonder crime is so rampant in our society, when those in high positions use fear and terrorism to force the PM to do what Kublalsingh says she must do, or else.

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Jai & Sero

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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