Sunday, November 11, 2012

Letter: Enough is enough - time to deal with Rowley and others

I have noticed where Senator Baptiste-McKnight and MP Colm Imbert, together with Dr Keith Rowley and a few others, have been literally scraping the meatless frame of a long dead horse named Section 34, in what could only be described as a singleminded effort to remove the best Attorney General Trinidad and Tobago has ever seen. 

In the process, rather than building credibility for themselves, they're badly damaging the appreciation the majority of the population has for the parliament. 

The Senator virtually abused MP and government Minister Moonilal at a conference in UWI; MP Imbert and Rowley have publicly stated several times that the Attorney General was part of some conspiracy to trick parliament; and both of them have led hundreds of redshirts bearing highly vulgar and offensive placards on two occasions through the streets of Port of Spain, plus have insulted the Head of State, just because the Head of state refused to yield to his bullying way.

So, just in case it wasn't general knowledge, bringing the following to the public's notice might just help put an end to the nonsense.


An Act to declare and define certain powers, privileges and immunities of the House and of the members of such House, to secure freedom of speech in the House, to regulate admittance to the precincts of the House, to give protection to the persons employed in the publication of the reports and other papers of the House and for purposes incidental to or connected with the matters aforesaid.

[11TH MARCH 1953]

1. (1) This Act may be cited as the House of Representatives (Powers and Privileges) Act.
(2) Until otherwise provided by Parliament, this Act shall mutatis mutandis apply in relation to the Senate and to the President, Deputy President and other members and officers of the Senate as it applies in relation to the House and to the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and other members and officers of the House.

2. In this Act—
“officer of the House” means the Clerk or any other officer or person acting within the precincts of the House under the orders of the Speaker, and includes any constable on duty within the precincts of the House;
“precincts of the House” means the room in which the House sits in session for the transaction of business, and includes the galleries adjacent thereto;
“stranger” means any person other than a member or an officer of the House.

10. Any person who—
(e) presents to the House or a committee any false, untrue, fabricated or falsified document with intent to deceive the House or such committee;
(f) prints or publishes any libel, or publishes either by words spoken or by writing any false, scandalous or defamatory matter, reflecting on the character or proceedings of the House or which tends to bring the House into odium, contempt or ridicule, provided that nothing in this paragraph shall apply to a fair and accurate report of the proceedings of the House published in any newspaper, or fair comment thereon;
is liable on summary conviction to a fine of two thousand dollars and to imprisonment for twelve months.

11. Every officer of the House shall, for the purposes of this Act and of the application of the provisions of the criminal law, have all the powers and enjoy all the privileges of a constable.

14. (1) The Attorney General may sue for and recover any fine incurred or sum forfeited by any person under this Act as though the fine or sum were a debt due to the State; and no person other than the Attorney General shall sue for or recover any such fine or sum.
(2) Any such fine or sum shall, when recovered, be paid into public funds.

20. The powers of the Speaker under this Act shall be supplementary to any powers conferred on him by the Constitution or the Standing Orders.
21. Neither the Speaker nor any officer of the House shall be subject to the jurisdiction of any Court in respect of the exercise of any power conferred on or vested in the Speaker or such officer by or under this Act.

Ayodele Chieng | Irving Street, in Petit Bourg.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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