Saturday, November 24, 2012

Letter: "Chubby" Prakash playing political games

Since commencing his fast, Dr Wayne Kublalsingh hasn't only lost weight and stature but also a substantial chunk of his name, as all over the place people are now simply calling him "Kubby".

Since becoming a Cabinet Minister, Prakash Ramadhar S.C. has politically gained weight by getting elected as COP's Political Leader; the position has lost stature with Dr Dookeran's abdication. But he has also literally gained weight to the extent where all over the place, people are referring to him now as "Chubby".

It's easy to mix up the two names because they're almost homonyms. The words "government" and "party" aren't homonyms anyhow you examine them, so it's amazing some politicians can't distinguish.

Why do some politicians have tremendous difficulty getting a grip on what's required of them when holding a Cabinet office and a party executive post at the same time? 

While it's true a winning political party is expected to have heavyweight input into how Cabinet envisages, shapes and decides on government policy, government was not made for the party, the party was made for government, since, before party was, government is. 

And, in Cabinet, in any case, there is only one heavyweight and that is the Prime Minister. Isn't that what our laws and traditions confirm?

I am both intrigued and nonchalant on reading where Chubby has publicly called on his Cabinet colleague, Minister Emmanuel George, to release the Pt Fortin Highway technical review to the general public. 

The intrigue springs from my thinking he could've easily made the same call via a Minister to Minister chat with his colleague, or, if he preferred, in a Cabinet meeting where an on the spot decision could be made. 

For Chubby to put out a public call tells me he's neither as affable as he looks, nor the heavyweight he has become. The nonchalance really needs no explaining as it stems from his history of not knowing when to wear or take off his COP cap, in this instance he again seems more comfortable being for COP than for Cabinet to which he belongs.

If Chubby were not so full of himself, he would have realized the Cabinet is under attack for no sensible reason by Kubby and a sprinkling of political entities, all of whom share one common feature. 

Each one of them is desperate to get back into the political limelight after being removed from centre stage by the first woman in Trinidad and Tobago to head a meaningful political party, to be appointed Opposition Leader, and to become Prime Minister who, despite their agitations, shall not be removed because she remains the favoured choice of a huge majority of the population.

Finally, if Chubby wishes to get chummy with Kubby, that's his business, since people are free to befriend and unfriend as they wish. 

But he cannot do it to cause his stocks to decline more than it has, otherwise he may very well end up disappointing many people who voted for him only because of her and who are taking note of everything he does publicly, good, bad, different or indifferent.

Dr Hermia Ophelia Tynsdale | Otaheite,South Trinidad, West Indies

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