Monday, November 26, 2012

Kublalsingh returns to hunger camp after weekend time out

Fired cabinet minister Mary King gives Kublalsingh a foot massage 
Wayne Kublalsingh plans to return to his camp outside the office of the Prime Minister on Monday to continue his hunger strike. And he is appealing for public support.

In a video sent to the media he acknowledged that his close supporters are tired and cannot continue so he is transferring the "burden" to members of the public, asking them to come out and support him. 

The PNM, who made the trek to camp, is reluctant to heed the call saying party leader Keith Rowley has already written the PM about it. In Sunday's video Kublalsingh said whatever the Prime Minister says is "immaterial".
Former PM Basdeo Panday and MSJ leader David Abdulah have promised to be at the camp Monday but not to engage in a fast.

On Friday Kublalsingh was checked by medical personnel around midday and later taken to the St Clair Medical Centre where he was persuaded by health care personnel to be treated with intravenous nutrition.

Kublalsingh's brother, Hayden Kublalsingh, said his brother's organs are not affected by his two-week hunger strike and he remains focused on his mission of halting the construction of a section of the highway to Point Fortin.

Kublalsingh has refused medical assistance from the state and is demanding that the government set up an independent team to evaluate the highway project, something that the government has already done.

Kublalsingh refused to participate in that exercise and rejected outright any compromise on the billion-dollar project designed to connect Point Fortin to the Solomon Hochoy Highway. When completed there would be a highway all the way from the southern town to Port of Spain and continuing to Diego martin.

Hayden Kublalsingh told the media over the weekend while there is no sign of organ failure his brother is growing weaker. Despite that he remains "extremely focused" Hayden told reporters. "He remains extremely committed to the struggle of the people and is intent and clearly focused to returning to the struggle in a public way," he added.

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