Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Jack suing Express, charges that PNM financed media have agenda to bring down government

Jack Warner: "I intend to go as far as it is legally possible to stop this damn foolishness."
Jack Warner said Monday night he is suing the Express newspaper and its reporter, Asha Javed. Warner was speaking in Debe at a meeting of the United National Congress (UNC). The meeting was held to update citizens about the work the People's partnership is doing and also to deal with critical national issues.

He said it is necessary to hold such gatherings to report to the population on how the government is rolling back decades of neglect by the People's National Movement (PNM), which has governed the country for most of the time since independence.

Warner said, "It has been like squeezing blood from stone! Like spinning straw into gold! Because that was the task we faced when we entered office in May 2010.

"You know it! You lived it! The rural neglect of the PNM! The discrimination against everything and everyone South of the Caroni River. The wastage of your money! The corruption and thievery of the PNM! 
I don’t have to tell you. You can tell me because you lived it!"

The chairman of the UNC said, "We come to you tonight to talk to you...because the PNM-controlled media are not doing it. 
They only have time for bachannal and koochoor!" 

He added, "Look at one of them today (Monday), "FBI Probes Jack Warner". Look at the same one yesterday (Sunday), "Million $ probe on Jack Warner". Get Jack Warner at all cost and, in their blighted thinking, they believe that if they get Jack Warner this government will fall! 

"Better than them! Look at the negative articles in that same newspaper alone on any given day and you will understand why a meeting such as this is important. 

"And beginning from this afternoon I have instructed my lawyers to issue the Express and Asha Javed their first pre-protocol letter and more such letters are to follow! 

"I have also instructed my lawyers both at home and abroad to sue to the high heavens those who are using the media to go after me and it will be court after court after court. And I intend to go as far as it is legally possible to stop this damn foolishness."

Warner said his action is not intended to interfere with media freedom. "In their misguided judgment they are free to support whichever political party they choose but, in doing so, they must not trample on those whom they hate by impugning their character at every turn," he said. 

"Jack today, Anand tomorrow and the PM every day this foolishness must stop and the courts are the only legal place I know to do that! Telling of the good work of the government does not benefit their agenda!"

He said he would make "no apologies" for making such a statement.

"There are media houses that are owned by financiers of the PNM and their agenda is to bring down the government. They know who they are! You know who they are! Who the cap fits, let them wear it! But the truth has got to be told!" he declared.
The National Security Minister said the truth is that the government is working and putting things right. "We inherited a country that was in a mess. Schools, police stations, roads, bridges, everything was falling down. And this government – your government – under Kamla Persad-Bissessar, is putting things right. It is taking time but we are getting there," he said.

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Our family at home in Toronto 2008
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