Sunday, November 25, 2012

Government minister accuses PNM in Tobago of behaving like a cult

Justice Minister Christlyn Moore taking the oath of office
Justice Minister Christlyn Moore has told the Express newspaper the People's National Movement (PNM) is trying to intimidate the people of Tobago into voting for the party in the January 21, 2013 Tobago House of Assembly election.

She made the point in reference to a statement from THA Chief Secretary Orville London who told supporters that he won't forgive anyone Tobagogonian who doesn't vote for the PNM in the the election.

She called that psychologically intimidating. "You have to be concerned about a leader who says he won't forgive you. Is this a cult?" she asked. 

"It has shades of cultism in it and when you are talking about a small community, a statement like that will naturally ignite fears of being identified with a certain party and being actively discriminated against," she said.

The minister, who is a Tobagonian, said there is evidence to support her charge of psychological intimidation.

"It cannot be right that any political party on any political platform suggests to people that, if you don't vote for me, East Indians will take your land. That cannot be right," she said with respect to the THA election campaign. 

She also spoke about a measure of racism in the PNM's approach. "It cannot be right where any political party in the lead-up to any election circulates a questionnaire, on of the questions thereon — would you be comfortable being led by an Indian Prime Minister? 

"Those things are not accidents. Those things are deliberate and they are designed to excite a certain passion and a certain fear," she charged.

She told the Express Tobagonians are wary of openly declaring their allegiances for fear of intimidation. 

The minister said she is not "Tobago-centric in the performance or execution of my duties." However she added that she doesn't want to appear as a Johnny-come-lately in championing Tobago's cause.

She said she's simply a proud Tobagonian from the village of Lambeau who had to relocate to Trinidad "to eke out a living" through a private practice.

"My community really supported me. It would do them a disservice if I didn't say I was Tobagonian," she declared, adding that her island has been chaort-changed by the PNM under London's leadership. After spending $20 billion in allocations over the past 12 years there is very little to show for it, she said.

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