Friday, October 5, 2012

T&T High Commission in Ottawa honours 5 nationals living in Canada

Left to Right: Richard Aziz, Dawn Addison, Dr Gyaandeo Maharajh and H.E. Philip Buxo
Trinidad and Tobago’s High Commissioner to Canada, Philip Buxo, has reiterated his Government’s commitment to engaging all its citizens in the decision making process to ensure that they remain the nucleus of the development process.

Buxo made the point at the High Commission’s Republic Day Reception, which was held last weekend in Ottawa.

His audience included High Commissioners and Ambassadors from around the world. Buxo spoke about the excellent bilateral relations between Trinidad and Tobago and Canada since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1962. 

Canada is one of the first countries to recognize and welcome Trinidad and Tobago as an independent state.

“Canada and Trinidad and Tobago share many similarities. We are both viewed as multicultural nations that honour all cultures. Our people have worked together to build peaceful, prosperous and respected nations,” Buxo stated. 

He also announced that the High Commission will soon be publishing a book entitled “Together we Aspire, Together we Achieve: Trinidad and Tobago in Canada 1962 to 2012”.

The book honours over 50 nationals of T&T living in Canada who have brought the high standards of Trinidadian and Tobagonian legacy to their “home away from home”.

Speaking directly to these nationals, Buxo called then the true Ambassadors of Trinidad and Tobago. “You know who you are and now others know where you are in the Canadian landscape. I entrust you to connect with each other and together you must aspire to inspire the next generation to achieve excellence in Canada," he said.

Five Trinidad and Tobago nationals were awarded the “The Distinguished National of Trinidad and Tobago Canada Award”. This award honours those who have made significant contributions to their communities, in the fields of education, politics, medicine, arts and sports in Canada.

The recipients of this award in 2012 are:

Dawn Gayle Eudova Addison, the Principal of Morning Star Middle School. This educator and administrator has made it her mandate to encourage students to participate in community-oriented projects that support mental health, self-esteem and healthy activities, and to be R.E.A.L. – Respectful, Excellent, Accountable and Life-long learns.

The leadership skills students developed through the partnerships and connections that Dawn Addison has made are key driving forces in the success of the school, and the community at large.

Richard Rawle Aziz, Cultural Impresario, who is a permanent fixture within the T&T Diaspora in the Greater Toronto Area and is involved with all religious festivals and the propagation of their spiritual and charitable programs. His leadership and involvement in promoting T&T’s culture in Canada is unparalleled. Mr Aziz is a credible, vibrant voice in the media, community, the arts and entertainment, culture, and social justice.

Dr. Gyaandeo Seusaran Maharajh, Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Dr Maharajh is someone who has remained steadfast to his roots and has been returning to Trinidad and Tobago on a voluntary basis to perform cardiac surgery for the lesser fortunate. 

In 2011 Dr Maharajh celebrated an important milestone; his first full decade of regularly providing cardiac surgery to the residents of his native country. To date he has performed 150 operations in Trinidad and Tobago and continues to take the lead on related medical missions in the area.

Dr. Deo Poonwassie, Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba, Founding director of two groundbreaking programs focusing on Aboriginal students: the Access Program and the Special Premedical Program. Both projects received National Awards from the Canadian Association for Continuing Education. 

Dr Poonwassie’s contributions and accomplishments as an educator have been recognized with a promotion to the prestigious rank of Professor Emeritus. Earlier this month, he was awarded the “Queen Elizabeth 11 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal Award”

Mr. Justice Selwyn Reginald Romilly, Superior Court Judge created history as the first black person appointed to any court in British Columbia, and only the second black person appointed to any court in Canada. 

Twenty-one years later, he was the first black person appointed to the British Columbia Supreme Court and has made significant contributions to judicial and legal education, conducted seminars and workshops for judges, presented papers to the Canadian Bar Association, the National Justice Institute, the National Criminal Law Program and the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

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